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Brand: Doro Model: #0142
A 4G smartphone that comes with a 5MP camera, two switchable user interfaces , action based or enhanced, depending on the users preference and knowledge of smartphones. Great, loud and clear sound with in-call volume boost and HAC for calls you can hear wherever you are. Assistance button on the rea..
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Doro 8040 (Unlocked)
2-3 Days
Brand: Doro Model: #0143
If you've never owned a smartphone before, or want one that thinks and acts like you do, the Doro 8040 is the smartphone for you. It brings you all the enjoyment that smartphones can offer, but in a more natural and understandable way...
Ex Tax:£109.95
Brand: Doro Model: #0145
Doro's Liberto 810 is a basic touchscreen phone that aims to make it easy for tech novices to get to grips with a smartphone. It's based on Android but has a heavy customised layer on top called Doro Experience. This aims to unclutter the homescreen and make using the Liberto 810 much simpler and fr..
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Doro Liberto 820 (Unlocked)
2-3 Days
Brand: Doro Model: #0146
Doro's Liberto 820 is an excellent debut smartphone from the master of senior-friendly handsets. Android can appear horribly complex to smartphone virgins but Doro has extended almost every kind of assistance imaginable, from the reworked desktops and the bonus help features to the nifty bundled.The..
Ex Tax:£79.95
Doro Liberto 825 (Unlocked)
2-3 Days
Brand: Doro Model: #0148
If using a smartphone seems unnecessarily complicated, Doro Liberto 825 will change your mind. It's the first smartphone to think the way you do, making it the perfect choice for first-time users who want all the enjoyment a smartphone can offer, but in an easier, more intuitive way...
Ex Tax:£89.95
Brand: Doro Model: #0152
Our new Primo by Doro products are as reliable as our very popular Doro PhoneEasy mobile phones and provide you with many great features. Is separate keys, an emergency button discreetly integrated with the unique function for conveniently switching during a call on speakerphone, and even a handy de..
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